Raven at the Motion Pictures

i was high as shit at the movies and a black girl behind the counter looks at me and says, “you have pretty eyes”. this girl is cute too, and…again, im high. so i’m like, “what?” and she puts on her glasses…looks into my eyes and says, “you have pretty eyes”. Now in my current state i think she is mocking me because i had foolishly forgotten the visine as in, “HAHA youre eyes are pretty BECAUSE THEY ARE RED you silly mr. weed guy!” So of course I do the usual, “thank you, thank you” but this girl is all up in my shit. She keeps staring at me like I’m some sort of sculpture. She is smiling, making eye contact, doing the thing where she talks to another guy then quickly makes eye contact with me again (you all know what im talking about). This all happens in line for popcorn and soda. She “accidently” made too many cokes which are the size of small swimming pools, and gave us a free one. So basically this girl is enamored. I look down at her name-tag and quickly recognize the comedy of believing that everything happens for a reason…her name was Raven.


One thought on “Raven at the Motion Pictures”

  1. Yep, don’t you hate it when people just think you’re too good looking, silly Mr. Weed guy? Really interferes with the day-to-day.

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