karma’s a bitch

how are you supposed to lie in 2009?

today while walking to the library  i was flagged by some chick from Finland trying to hawk some Krishna books. She sees me walking from about 100feet away and makes eye contact with me. At this point I’m like, “FUCK!!!” So I keep walking, praying she is gonna let me pass. She didn’t. She says, “Are you interested in the beautiful world of Hare Krishna?” And me being too nice (and having recently seen Yes Man) to shut her down, I engage in a conversation with her. Mistake. She hands me this hardcover book with the title written in some language I didn’t know people could write things in. So I bullshit with her, tell her I’m down with the whole reincarnation “thing”. Now I have been in this particular situation before, and knew what was coming. Luckily I had planned ahead. Here is a transcript of what followed:

Finland lady: We are giving these away, mainly to spread the word on Krishna.
Me: Ohh, so I can have this?
Finland lady: Yes….but we accept donations.
Some guy with a shaved head and a crappy looking krishna rattail: Often times people give like 10, 20 bucks.
Me: Ohh, no…I’m sorry I don’t have any money ( a lie, I had cash in my pocket seeing that I just went to McDonalds). All I have is my credit card.

what happened next I never saw coming….

Finland lady: ohh great, well you can swipe it in this machine.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT????? The look on my face must have been priceless. Since when do book peddling hare krishnas on McKeldin mall have pocket sized, wireless, credit card machine technology?? She caught me in a lie and I ended up payng 10 bucks for 2 books I won’t read.

What irony…being fucked by karma when being turned onto karma.

today’s lesson: don’t talk to strangers


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