words of wisdom

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper

“Isn’t it time to get off the couch and start making a different impression?”- John Basedow

things i’ve learned since being back home…

i keep my dog on a leash at nighttime or else she will jump up on the counters and steal my shoes or loaves of bread (much like aladdin)

i have purchased 2 goldfish, their names are “Shireefa” and “Young Money” – their upkeep is proving to be more arduous than expected

http://www.hulu.com is amazing

i need money

the retractable canvas shade-maker, the “sunsetter”, has had the same commercial since 1997

people continue to tell me i look like Bradley Cooper…what do you think?

Mike Gabaly
Mike Gabaly

2 thoughts on “words of wisdom”

  1. like bradley coopers gay stepson is more like it.

    my grandmother has the “sunsetter”, but ive never once seen it retracted?

  2. You gotta keep up with your fishies and change their water! Otherwise their lives will be a pipe dream. By dream, I mean the kind that comes with eternal slumber, and by pipe, I mean the plumbing that takes shit away from your toilet.

    If I’m not being clear enough here, just say so.

    Also, you can buy some java moss and stick it on a rock. Yer fish will eat that shit up.

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