last night.

so last night i went to a concert in Baltimore at the Sonar club – some hometown local Jefferson pride for Timberwolves…they rocked the place and set a high bar for the rest of the bands that followed them. But what would a concert in Charm City be if I wasn’t intoxicated beyond belief??? Here are just a few of the substance fueled topics of conversation from approximately 7pm to about 3:30am

– The Beatles song “In My Life” can very easily get stuck in the heads of anyone standing nearby

-Starbucks should make a drink called the “Little black bitch” (as well as offer handjobs)

-Wawa only accepted cash between the hours of 1:15am and 1:30am…what the fuck?

-The grab bag of cheetos/sun chips/doritos/ and pretzels is AWESOME. I love all those ingredients, and mixed together they are even better

-WWI was unanimously remembered by the table of BHS graduates as being “the one with the mustard gas”

– Everyone at this table also agreed that, “it would suck” if you got trenchfoot

-A hot tub only heated to 94 degrees feels like you are wallowing in human piss

-To get home from Baltimore, taking 95 North towards New York is NOT the right way to go.

-When everyone in a car is drunk, Bohemian Rhapsody is probably the best musical choice one can make

i cant think of any more at the time. but nonetheless it was sick nasty.


One thought on “last night.”

  1. unfortunately, looking at

    “The Beatles song “In My Life” can very easily get stuck in the heads of anyone standing nearby”

    instead got the song “IT’S my life” by Gwen Stefani stuck in my head. although I guess that was released by no doubt? By the way, No Doubt is going on tour again. How fucking awesome!

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