day at the museum

so i went with my friend from aj to the natural history museum in DC yesterday. we had “stumbled” onto some brownies and were looking forward to packing our brains with knowledge. I took a few pictures of the day on my phone and have put them on here for your enjoyment. Here are some good topics of conversation, things noticed, and elements observed in our tour of the museum…

– the museum was really concentrated on the “evolution” aspect of natural development. there was an “evolution theater” that looked enticing – we sat in there watched some things, realized how high we were, and said, “we learned this in middle school”

– the most crowded area, by far, was the diamonds and gems section. in all honesty it was the most boring and uninteresting section of the building. who travels all the way to dc to see something they could see in a mall at home? morons.

– there are some monkeys that look a lot like people.

– a small black girl was looking at the Neanderthal exhibit where they were burying a dead caveman. The caveman was dead in a hole while 3 live ones buried him. The girl looks for a long time, then asks her dad in a very honest tone, “why are they cooking him?”

– there are some creepy things at the bottom of the sea.

– apparently many asian family members traveled all the way to DC to get individual pictures with a stuffed bear.

– the insect zoo was cool – a bunch of camouflaged bugs, ants, beetles, bees, butterflys that are all behind glass. or else there would have been a slaughter of insects. its funny, i find them precious and valuable when behind glass, but in my living room i kill them immediately.

– there was a really cool exhibit in the African cultures section on Rastafari – where i learned that there is a Little Jamaica section in Tokyo…what the fuck is that like???

– The way the Moon was created is so cool. Also, intergalactic metals that fall to Earth as meteorites are so cool looking. The rocks/crystals section is amazing –  all that shit goin on in the Earth and whatnot.

– there are some clear examples of the “missing links” in nature that explain evolution. especially this half zebra half giraffe bastard child.

here are some pics from my ENVY 2- top of the line 2 mega pixel fun fun.0616091819.jpg0616091833.jpg0616092012


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