So Tim McGraw thought it would be a good idea to make a cologne. As if his name is Sean John or something. First of all…Tim really? How can you go from making country records to manufacturing cologne? Well, his womanish hat and Tampa Bay socialite inspired clothing would suggest he makes poor decisions when it comes to fashion. Secondly, this cologne is sold at WalMart. Need I say more. At least he has his target audience in mind….

L :”Hey Jimbo you got any propane? Im tryna fire up the grill over here.”

J: “Ohh sorry Larry, I’m all out. But luckily my niece bought me the new scent by Tim McGraw. It actually doubles as an accelerant (i’m aware that  a hick wouldn’t say the word accelerant) so you can fire that bitch up all night!!”

L: “Aww hell. I had no idea he was a chemist and/or had a lab where he designed fragrances for public use.”

J: “Yep…yep………he still fuckin’ Faith Hill?”



3 thoughts on “mcgraw???”

  1. If someone let 50 cent write a business book on marketing, I’ll let McGraw have his toilet water…

    Cool posts so far, Mike.

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