a dream from this morning.

I had a dream where I took a bolt bus and drove it around to get back to my house, even though I had my car someplace nearby. I was meeting a teacher and he rolled up in a bolt bus, and before I knew it he drove away in one. So out of nowhere a bus is sitting waiting for me. I get into it and crash it into a few things accidently but eventually make it onto a main road. As I’m driving the brakes begin to gradually tighten up and it takes a longer period of time to slow down. Eventually it takes so long that I run a red light and a cop that I had passed pulls out with his lights on. I’m like, “shit” so I keep driving and all the sudden there is another red light which I definitely can’t slow down for.

So I ram into the back of this cop car, all the while I am sitting in the middle of the bus (for some reason that’s where it was controlled). So after the accident, the cop bursts down the  door and tells me to put my hands up. Because the bus is blocking traffic the cop takes the wheel (which is now in the front) and drives to some backlot that had some cool architecture. While in the bus looking out I saw that it was a movie studio, but we weren’t in a movie. He takes the bus and parks it in a little area of jagged rocks, so it wont interrupt the flow of traffic. This entire time I was explaining to him that my teacher left me, I had no way of getting home, the brakes sucked (I consciously left out the fact that my regular car was close to where I had been). I also explain that you could buy a ticket for $1 on Bolt Bus.

the bus i hijacked, went on a rampage with, and destroyed
the bus i hijacked, went on a rampage with, and destroyed

Now we get picked up by a van, my brother is driving and the cop turned into Josh Brolin (more specifically, the Josh Brolin cop character from American Gangster- see picture). As we drive out of the studio lot I see like 8 trucks with hoses, presumably spraying the wreckage down so it wont be engulfed in flames. Now I’m really nervous, just thinking of all the man power toiling because of this accident all because of me. So in the van with Officer Brolin (who didn’t know he was Josh Brolin). I try convincing him that I’m an okay person and it was all a big misunderstanding. The van that my brother was driving apparently had a kitchen and he made us some food (including 2 husks of corn for Brolin). It was then I turned to the cop and said, “you know, you look a lot like Nick Nolte”. I immediately corrected myself when I knew it was wrong and said, “I mean, Josh Brolin…the guy from W. He played George W. Bush in a movie called W. Excellent movie. I rented it and wanted to buy it…that doesn’t happen much anymore.” The cop that had never heard of Josh Brolin looks and me and just laughs a really weird laugh. And then I woke up. [before this dream I had one where marijuana seeds looked like corn kernels]

the cop...josh brolin looked just like this
the cop a.k.a josh brolin looked just like this


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