rat maze

this is a cartoon i stumbled upon late at night…at a party…after some drinks. anyway, i love this little comic. it works on so many levels. i again took this picture with my camera phone so it isn’t the best quality – but allow me to explain what you see. the 2 rats at the far end of the maze are having sex, one is presumably married to the rat that is just entering the maze with a gun. so the “husband” rat is now going to kill the “extra-marital liaison” rat of his wife BUT he has to go through the maze first…BECAUSE HE’S A RAT!!! personification, absurdity, a chase scene, mistakes, and ignorance all in one! way to go cartoon. what a great position to be in if you are a cheating rat, yet an inopportune one if you are seeking vengeance. the one we naturally ally ourselves with has many challenges to overcome, but we laugh because he probably won’t be smart enough to achieve them.

papa rat gon' keel mama rat.
papa rat gon' keel mama rat.

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