some cool shit.

This video is amazing- a youtube caption says “He couldn’t walk w/o crutches as a kid til he was like 12, and even then it was with a limp. Then he started break dancing & skateboarding, which apparently lead to the conditions resurfacing.

His legs aren’t jelly, he can stand, just the hip bones are misaligned, which causes extreme pain. So, he uses the crutch to ease the weight, and the skateboard helps for distances & to keep his hips still while traveling.” props to aj for showing me this last night. it is unbelievable…

… he looks like he’s rollerblading at some points, doesn’t he? its cool when he takes the skateboard too. or when he goes in reverse. actually, it’s all cool.

I also stumbled onto this today on craigslist when i was bored. i saw the section where people were looking for other available singles… sort of like a poormans e- harmony/classifieds mash-up. I thought it was intriguing because people put their pics on there too. yadda yadda yadda i find myself in the lesbian section and this link had a picture.

…how blunt is this woman! And how funny is it that she tried to be subtle, yet elegant with the choice of the latex, outreached hand. haha. dc.
We thought it would be funny if we responded and posted a picture of a guy with like 4 rings, missing fingers, wearing a spiked wrist watch saying, “sooo… uhhhh…. where do you live?” kinda like this guy…

someone need to be fisted?
someone need to be fisted?

ouch michael. And notice the title of the post, “a specific request”. I hope this woman finds what she is looking for.


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