train conductor.

24 06 2009

~So i was sitting at the gas station and a man that looked just like the pictured early 19th century train conductor walked out of the “mart”. that doesn’t happen everyday. he was driving the non-glamorous kia sonata… not the “iron horse” of yesteryear. he had a gold chain watch and everything. At least he didn’t have those god damn inter-state tariffs of the late 1800’s! Am I right??

~On another note my mom confused the confederate flag with the Australian flag that was hanging outside of The Outback.

~I have determined that if there is one place i dont want immediate customer service, its an ice cream store.

Q : “Hi, welcome to Baskin Robbins, what can I get for you today?”

A:  “You can get me a few minutes while I figure out what the fuck i want.”

not the confederate flag.

not the confederate flag.

proud driver of a kia sonata.

proud driver of a kia sonata.




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