it has been a whillllllllllle (said like jewish grandmother)

hey kittens and lumberjacks,

Well… have i got some stories for you. So i havent posted in a while because i was out of town from friday through sunday. Initially i went to Ohio for my friend Joe’s wedding. He was in The Bureau with me for 2 years and tied the knot all the way in the sunny paradise of Cincinnati’s suburbs. The wedding was beautiful, and it was open bar. I drank about 6 jack and cokes, 4 coronas, 2 glasses of wine, and a glass of champagne…i think. Anyway i got very drunk, went to bed and woke up at 6am for the 5 hour excursion north to Sandusky, Ohio (yes, the place where Tommy Boy takes place).

Sandusky is the home of Cedar Point, “America’s Roller Coast” or some stupid ass tagline like that. Anyway – it’s pretty famous if for no other reason than the sheer number of rollercoasters. I rode all 11 coasters; they were sick. The picture i attatched is called the Top Thrill Dragster, it launches you to 120mph in 3 seconds up vertically about 400ft and then down, vertically, the same distance. FRONT ROW BABY. I seriously thought my contacts were gonna be ripped from my eyes, onto someone behind me. I realized that when im an old man, im just gonna go back on that ride and get a heart attack and go out like a champion. I wonder if they ever have that happen, like an old guy pulls back into the train station dead. haha. too soon?? anyone? no? okay.

how intense does this look??? i lived it.
how intense does this look??? i lived it.

We drove through the night back to MD because i had to go see 311 the next afternoon. I was in the pit!!! It was an awesome show. Stay tuned for some lessons learned and observations from this weekend. I just felt like catching all you loyalists up.


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