bored as balls

how’s everyone doing?

– my mom insists on keeping the doors and windows, unfortunately they don’t have screens. there are some GIANT flys and moths up in my house. how am i supposed to sleep knowing this? apparently there have been some spider sightings too. whoever invented the window screen must have gotten some serious ass. i mean, that must have been the invention of the decade.

GREEN STORY – i went to taco bell today in Leesburg, VA – it was crowded as shit. the woman behind the register was relieved to see that i was the last in a line of people that made her life a stress filled hell on earth. so she says to me in a spanglish accent, “jeez so many people today, no one wanted to cook.” So this woman felt comfortable enough to tell me how hard her job is. Here is my reaction, “yeah, its crowded in here………yep…can’t wait to eat it…. i’ll have the number 6.” She seemed kind of let down that i wasn’t more like, “tell me your problems taco bell woman! im not starving!”

– who decided the order of the alphabet? did the song come into play at all?

– my 4th of july…. i set off about 5 bottle rockets in my driveway, drank knob creek and watched a michael jackson special on vh1, smoked, and then went to bed- BUT my sheet was a bloody American flag, and my pillowcase was benjamin franklin’s dead body

– these stupid ass “American Legends” commercials from Dominoes say in one part, “how bout we put a little south in your mouth” Really? Were do i sign up? Maybe soon it will be, “how about we bust some midwest on your chest!”


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