convos from last night…and maury

– ya know they say that smoking out of an aluminum can will eventually give you alzheimers (due to the superheated can vapors). we proceeded to smoke and immediately forget what we were talking about.

– Maury can walk into any ghetto in America and be safe from all bodily harm.MauryPovich.png.html

– on Maury today, some woman read her own tarot cards which told her that her husband was cheating on her. She dragged her husband of 16yrs onto the show with this accusation…she was right.

– for a split second last night i thought the American flag only contained red and white colors. the stars and stripes equal red and white…blue is an afterthought in the flag

– it was determined that a really hot colonial woman would be “up there” with some really hot women in history..closely followed by medieval, roman and 1960’s

– if an all-star cast could play a new Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Movie – Morgan Freeman would play Splinter and Jason Statham would be Rafael just to name a few (maybe Keanu Reeves as Michaelangelo)


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