the beach (minus dicaprio)

Sorry for my lack of posts this past week, I spent a little time in fabulous Dewey Beach, Delaware. I got me a nice tan and a few good stories so…here we go.

not quite good enough to be in MD
not quite good enough to be in MD

– playing glow in the dark frisbee is AWESOME. Me, my friend and cousin stood in an equilateral triangle and would take a step back whenever we would successfully pass the frisbee around to each of us. So every 3 successful passes we’d step back – our record was 40 successful passes which comes to about 3.5 miles apart from each other. Talk about a nerve-racking game, i started looking like this guy…

what an equilateral triangle does to mike gabaly.
what an equilateral triangle does to mike gabaly.

– Dollar drafts in downtown Dewey spells disaster for yours truly. Let’s put it this way, it was dollar drafts in a tax free state…my bill was 21 dollars (including one 4 dollar car bomb)…you do the math. I might have had some wings but…hopefully they were free

– This was a t-shirt that was being sold all over the boardwalk, I almost bought it but saw that it cost 25 dollars. So I took this picture instead. How sick is this? F yeah this is Barack!

$25 is about $23.50 more than I spend on t-shirts
$25 is about $23.50 more than I spend on t-shirts

– If oxy clean made eyedrops, i would buy them.

– In Rehoboth there is literally a warehouse of alcohol called Atlantic Liquors. Think of it like a Home Depot of alcohol. Crates and crates of all types of alcohol. However, we only decided to buy $13 beer.

– If you ever go to IHOP get the Sirloin Tips and Eggs…that is one delicious meal.

– My cousin continually imitated the Assistant Coach of the Titans, (From Remember the Titans) Bill Yoast. His impression was, no lie, EXACTLY like the guy in the movie. For those of you who know what i’m talking about, you would have loved it.

my cousin paul
my cousin paul

– On the beach i was reading a book called Understanding Human Nature by Alfred Adler…so now I know what you’re thinking even before you do.

–  Last night my friend showed me this video….tripped me out. it’s just engaging as shit. Shout out to Brett Putz who is probably reading this on his iphone.

– I am currently listening to this vinyl…


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