10 reasons why Maryland is awesome!!!!!!!

So you know where you live is the shit, but don’t know exactly why. Well my friends, here’s why…

1) The Flag:

– The Maryland flag is certainly the most beautiful in all of the Union. The 2 symbols represent the symbols of the Calvert (black and yellow) and Crossland (red and white) families. It is the best combination of colors ever thought of. The flag flies high, representing the beauty of this state. The waving flag boasts to all who see it that they are in the presence of true greatness. I mean…damn. Just look at it. What other state flag is nearly as cool as this?
2) Cal Ripken Jr:

– Cal Ripken is quite possibly the greatest man to ever live. The guy played 2,632 games straight. He is a legend. He was the Michael Jordan of the Baltimore Orioles. If Cal Ripken ran for governor…he would win. Hell, if someone wanted to raise a militia in this state, Cal Ripken should be the spokesperson because EVERYONE would join. Ripken wore the number 8 and young Marylanders everywhere that played little league would kill a bitch for that number. Cal Ripken is a hero, legend and pimp all in one. What a guy.

3) America in Miniature:

– Maryland has earned the nickname, “America in Miniature”  for good reason. Maryland has the beach in the east, mountains in the west and the bay in the middle. It has un-relentless crime in the ghettos of Baltimore and red-necky southern people in south-central. Farmlands, ports, battlefields, quaint cities like Annapolis, clean air, and of course the Mason Dixon. Foreign people fly to Maryland to experience all that this nation has to offer. Why ever leave?

4) Crabs:

– The Maryland blue crab, pulled right from the Chesapeake bay, is a dish MD calls its own. No other state eats crabs like us. We eat that shit up. People from Jersey or New York always need help when it comes time for a feast – and there is always a kind-hearted Marylander there to help. People ship our crabs all around the planet for good reason… they are delicious. What would a summer in Maryland be without beer, crabs and football because…after all…

5) Old Bay:

– So in order to fully enjoy our crabs, we created our own spice. Old Bay can literally be put on anything. Personally I have put it on pizza, chicken, corn, popcorn, pasta, baked potatoes, shrimp, green beans…the list goes on. No lie, one time i sprinkled it on a bowl and smoked it…MARYLAND CHRONIC BABY. Some people in other states have never heard of Old Bay- fuck them. On the back of every can it says, “Maryland, with pride”. Say no more Old Bay, say no more.

6) Hospitals

– One of the best places to get hurt in the world, Maryland contains some of Earth’s best medical care. Johns Hopkins University Medical Center is like, the hospital. People get flown from around the world to MD so we can fix them. In fact, our state was a pioneer in the helicopter shock trauma unit that is now standard in the US. So don’t worry about falling ill in Maryland, we got your back.

7) Star Bangled Banner

– The lyrics come from “Defence of Fort McHenry,” a poem written in 1814 by the 35-year-old amateur poet Francis Scott Key. He wrote it after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the Brits on the Chesapeake Bay during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. So, when the rest of America needed a song, they looked no further than this hot joint penned on the Bay. How cool is it that there was a Battle of Baltimore? Have you ever heard of a Battle of Topeka? I didn’t think so. Oh and how can I forget, in Maryland when the part comes where we all say, “Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave” we all yell, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Go Orioles baby! Whenever you are at a sporting event in MD you MUST say it this way (but if not in MD…we still say it anyway.)

8) Famous Peoples:

– The Free State has created some really famous ass people. Here we go: Jim Henson, Edward Norton, Oprah lived here, Tupac lived in Baltimore and went to an art school there, Edgar Allan Poe lived here, David Hasslehoff, Jada Pinkett Smith, Scott Van Pelt, Travis Pastrana, Thurgood Marshall, John Wilkes Booth, Karen Allen (Marion in the Indiana Jones movies), Montell, Cal Ripken Jr., Babe Ruth, Johnny Unitas, Michael Phelps, Upton Sinclair, Ric Ocasek (The Cars), Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Tom Clancy, Francis Scott Key, Toni Braxton, Frank Zappa, Billie Holiday… the list goes on. Maryland is just full of greatness.

9) The Chesapeake Bay:

The Old Line State boasts the nations largest estuary, the Chesapeake Bay. The bay divides the state in two, giving us our signature, “tommy gun” look. It’s effects can be felt in 6 states and Washington DC, making this one hot body of water. At one point the cool looking Bay-Bridge was the world’s longest continuous over-water steel structure. Take that San Francisco you hippie bastard. If you have ever seen our bay you know it is the most beautiful landscape to be found in the 13 Colonies. Save the Bay.

10) We Started It:

– The first post office was in Baltimore in 1774

– The first continuous newspaper in the US was the Maryland Gazette in 1727

– The first telegraph line in the world was established between DC and Baltimore in 1844

– The St. Francis Academy was the first dental school on the planet in 1828

– The Baltimore Water Company was established in 1792 making it the first water company in America

– the Mount Claire Station in Baltimore was built in 1820 making it the first railroad station in the US

– The nation’s first umbrellas were built in Baltimore starting in 1828

– We are the only state to develop a distinct breed of dog – the Chesapeake Bay Retriever


Well there you have it, 10 of the billions of reasons why Maryland is the shit. Tell your friends and read more.


206 thoughts on “10 reasons why Maryland is awesome!!!!!!!”

    1. Maryland might truly be able to claim greatness; if the governor were actually willing to invest in Baltimore City. Instead of giving us “The Red Line”-he Totally Screwed Public Transportation with an onslaught of unnecessary busses. I also suspect that he had something to do with “Amazon” ‘not choosing’ Baltimore>Even after Port Covington was created. Baltimoreans Need Jobs. Surely Amazon & The Red Line would have provided a BOOST in Jobs and a Hugely Uplifting Morale- Benefitting Our Youth & Others here with MUCH Needed Employment. Thereby Lessening That 1 part of your “description of Maryland”.. where you pointed out how visitors here “can see the gangbangers”. Baltimore was a major manufacturer of MANY things as I was growing up in this town. It WAS a Great place to live. Our Youth and others need Help. They desperately need Jobs + a transportation system that TRULY works.

  1. sorry, but the flag’s really ugly and I have no idea who the hell is nm.2 J. Cripken Jr. But I love your dogs, I have a chesapeak and he’s really owesome..

    1. The Flag is Not Ugly (matter of opinion) and Cal Ripkin, Jr. was on of the best Baseball players ever. He is still here in MD helping kids and making us all proud of him…

    2. I am not a baseball fan, but I know whop Cal Ripken Jr is. He is a baseball legend!!! 🙂 Where have you been all your life?

    1. @ petra… Seriously have you been living under a rock for the last decade? Cal Ripken is the “iron man”, broke the consecutive games played streak set by the iron horse Lou Gehrig? Baseball, any of this ringing a bell? Inducted into the baseball hall of fame? nothing?

      1. Not to mention The Ravens, who has been pretty notorious for making it at least to the playoffs almost every year for the past decade. Thats football if you dont know. You must not get out much?

  2. #6 should correctly identify the Univerisity of Maryland Shock Trauma Center as THE hospital. It is the pride of Baltimore and a model for the world in treatment of traumatic injuries. If they can’t fix you, you’re too far gone.

    1. that’s a great hospital, but don’t forget about Johns Hopkins… that one is THE hospital for everything other than trauma.

  3. You were the last state to abolish slavery in 1816 you racist bastards. But I guess that explains why you were so proud to boast John Wilkes Booth lived there.

    1. I think you are thinking of 1867. The Civil War hadn’t even begun in 1816 Ryan. You’ll get it next time. Maryland believes in you.

      1. I couldn’t help but lmao when I heard ur reply,I couldn’t of said it better myself, wtf is wrong with people, “some people’s children”

    2. Ryan…you are an idiot! Maryland was far rom the last state to abolish slavery. Do some research before you post falsehoods that make you look stupid. Then again, I guess you are what you are.

    3. 80% of Marylanders fought for the Union. Baltimore County alone had 47 freed black communities prior to the Civil War. Maryland was the most desegregated state in the country, by far. BTW: slavery was the law of the land in every state because of the Fugitive Slave Act, so no state can take a higher ground on the issue. As for Booth, he moved to Philadelphia and he should not be on this list as a famous Marylander. Infamous, maybe…

      1. Booth also fled Washington DC after the shooting, south to St. Mary’s Co. to Dr. Mudd’s residence for treatment.

      1. Dr. Mudd’s house is definitely in Charles County. I know that for fact unless the county line has shifted about 10 miles. its north of hughesville interchange.

    4. You facts are wrong on slavery so that’s not why Maryland sucks….It sucks because it’s extremely high taxes and over reaching government.

    5. Most slaves in Maryland were freed in 1864, the reason Maryland was after the Southern states is not because we were more racist, but because we didn’t seceed. Yo who is racist? Mississippi who didn’t ratify the 13th ammendment until the 90s.

      1. For all people both from MD and out of state….Bashing other states for their racism or sexual preference, religion or any other makes you all as bad as the other…take the example from SOME of our fore fathers and rise above petty discrimination and stereotypes. MD is a great state but just like many others, suffers from its own issues…to expensive to stay, to expensive to leave economy, a huge disparity in income from super rich to ultra poor…but what state can truly brag about how great it is when it has one of the highest high-school drop out rates in the country as well as one of the most over manipulated and strained welfare systems in one of the wealthiest counties in the country…but ALL states have faltered for their people, ALL states have lost sight of the principles that all men and women are created equal and should be treated that way…yes MD is great…I lived there for over 25 years…but I will never be content in any state until we stop pointing out other places and peoples shortcomings…that is all


      2. wow, i think that was easily the stupidest comment i have seen on this page… and that’s saying something with all the incorrect facts thrown around here. congrats you bigot waste of space! =)

    6. Actually it was Mississippi, and it was February of 1995. It makes me crazy, in this era of never-ending access to information, how bloody brick-headed some people can be. Wow. That being said, Go Terps.

    7. I did not write this piece, and am with you 100%. John Wilkes Booth is no one to be proud of, and should not be on this list. However, I have lived in MD all of my life, and can tell you most of the people I know are NOT racist. I did say most because there will be idiots in every bunch. So Ryan, grow up, realize that you were never a slave, and never will be. Stop stereotyping all white people as racist. You are doing nothing to put a stop to racism, you are only instigating and perpetuating ideals that will only hold you back, and hold all people back from true equality. Recognize you cannot fight hate with hate, and you will have won the battle.

  4. For you religious folks, Maryland also boasts the Grotto of Lourdes in America – right near St. Seton Shrine and the National Fire Academy.

  5. l
    Love all your points, but seriously, Tupak was the best example of a Marylander… And, no, not a racist. But he isn’t really mainstream, or a high point of pride for everyone. Just sayin’

    1. But he isn’t really mainstream (false), or a high point of pride for everyone(double-false).
      My objection is he only lived here for two years, and he is primarily known for California, specifically L.A.

  6. We abolished slavery in 1864, but had the largest free black population in the country even before the war. And yeah John Wilkes Booth was from here as well as a bunch of Confederate soldiers and generals. If that makes Marylanders racist than cool. As far as the flag goes, the red and white cross was used at the outbreak of the war as a pro-southern symbol of secession and the yellow and black pattern was displayed by unionists. After the war they combined the two symbols to unite the two factions of the state that were bitter against each other still.

      1. Donna DR Mudd’s

        home is in Charles County and St Mary; city in the county by that name is the birth place of religious

      2. actually its called the old line state in reference to the revolution soldiers forming the ‘Maryland Line’. George Washington sometimes referred to it as the ‘Old Line’

  7. Isn’t the highest rent district in the United States in Montgomery County, Maryland? Do they have a Cover Charge just to visit?

    1. I live in MoCo and it has one of the best (if not the best) education systems in the nation. Not to mention the amount of wealth and prosperity the area has to offer. This is the reason the rent is so high, because everybody wants to live here!!!!

    2. Keep the prices high to keep to yuck out – well, it used to before Giv’t housing got involved and ruined entire towns, but that’s another story. Many towns in MoCo are simply wonderful places to live – get for children, education, community and otherwise. Don’t knock us till you’ve had a chance to visit. I’ve been all around the world but wouldn’t change my residence for anything.

    3. Maryland earned the nickname “Old Line State” in the American Revolution. The Maryland Line, Maryland’s regiments of regulars, achieved a reputation as the saviors of the Continental Army and the cause of independence. References to the “Old Line” are a tribute to the Maryland Line, but more specifically, to the first incarnation of the Maryland Line, the men who first mobilized in December 1775 and early 1776 and fought at Long Island on 27 August 1776, serving under William Smallwood, Francis Ware, Thomas Price, and Mordecai Gist. The battle-worn survivors of this regiment ostensibly reorganized in December 1777, continuing their enlistments “for three years or during the war.” But by the close of 1777, few remained from the original line Washington witnessed at Long Island. Bled weak by fighting in the vanguard of the war, they received reinforcements from the Maryland companies of the Flying Camp, and earned recognition for their sacrifices in the form of a nickname.1

      1. lol Boston Terrier a state dog. lol oh wait a minute! Chesapeake isn’t a state either. as in Chesapeake retriever. But it was developed and breeded for the Maryland enviroment

  8. Johnny U is from western PA. He’s not originally from MD. Cal is great but my hero growing up was Eddie Murray. In my opinion, he was the greatest Oriole of my lifetime. I agree with everything else but you did not mention Terps basketball and the hot bed of basketball talent that comes out of this state.

  9. For you Architecture buffs, Baltimore can also claim the first Roman Catholic Cathedral built in America. The Baltimore Basilica on Cathedral Street built by Benjamine Henry Latrobe….America’s first professionally trained Architect.

    1. Maryland can also claim “First Roman Catholic Mass in the English Speaking Colonies;” held on St. Clement’s Island, St. Mary’s County on March 25, 1634.

    1. Thanks, Jimmy! From your friend in St. Mary’s County. When you see so many haters, you KNOW they’re jealous.

      1. Just check weather history. Maryland has had all the above but the earthquake wasn’t major. Just the snow storm of 2001 alone was on of national records. Many hurricanes have hit here. And there have always been tornadoes.

  10. Well, there’s also the fact that but for the valor of Maryland’s soldiers during the early days of the Revolution,, the USA wouldn’t exist. At the Battle Of Long Island, 300 Marylanders led by Major Mordicai Gist and General Lord Stirling held off the on-rushing British army to allow the rest of the American army to escape the disaster. If they hadn’t fought so hard, the Brits would have bagged the entire Army and ended the rev. Out of the entire unit, only Gist and 9 others made it back . We were Washington’s favorite troops and he gave us our nickname, “The Old Line State”.

  11. For those martime fans, don’t forget the famous Baltimore clipper ships and the USS Frigate Constellation (1797-1853) docked at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore with many other historic ships.

  12. Lolz I live in Baltimore. It’s not that dangerous XD.

    We also have the Exorcist, Blair Witch, Fallout, and the best schools in the nation 4 years running. I think Montgomery County is the 2nd or 3rd richest county in the nation too.

      1. the “movie” you speak of was based on actual events that took place on Bunker Hill Road in Mount Rainier, Maryland PG COUNTY!

      2. Exorcist movie because it’s Hollywood. Had a female in the movie. The truth is it was a boy who also went to St. James School. The Father was from St. James as well. The night the Father died the house on bunker Hill Road burned down from unknown causes. Hmmmm!

  13. The fact that you left out Ray Lewis and the Ravens after just winning a super bowl insults me as a Marylander. Other sports icons like Johnny Unitas would roll over in his grave, God rest his soul. Brooks Robinson would be insulted that he too was left off.

    Get it together, baby.

    Maryland Sports!

    1. It insults me as a Marylander that you failed to realize this was written in 2009. The Ravens conquered the Super Bowl in 2013. The list would just go on forever if he/she included all of the famous sports legends.

    2. In the writers defense, he wrote this back in 2009, although we had won a super before 2009 also… I too was looking for a Ravens shot out. But great acrticle! I enjoyed it 🙂

  14. I moved from the urban blight known as Montgomery County 8 years ago to wild and wonderful West Virginia. My cost of living dropped dramatically and the quality of life is way above that of Maryland residents. I will never return to the sorry State of Maryland and it’s tax loving government. Too many illegal resident aliens who commit crime, can’t drive, can’t even cross the street safely. Good Bye !

    1. that’s funny because I work in Loudon County and the majority of people that we catch committing crimes there are the meth addicts that come over from West Virginia

    2. You are so right Greg we are fixing to move to South Carolina because its much cheaper to live there Md has taxed us far enough and our Governor is wanting to tax us more.

  15. As a new Marylander living here for the past 3 years, I enjoyed this post, and I’m generally on board. But you almost lost me with the #1. I’ll definitely love Maryland more and more over the years, but I will *never* love that flag. It’s the most garish thing! Ugh! (To be fair, in the New England states where I’m from and have lived most of my life, the flags tend to be boring. One thing you can say for Maryland’s flag…it ain’t boring! 🙂 )

  16. We don’t play in a Super Bowl often, but when we do, WE WIN!!!! Only NFL team to play in multiple Super Bowls and win 100% of the time!

  17. Not only is Cal Ripken Jr not the Michael Jordan of baseball, but he’s probably not even Top 25 all-time. Longevity isn’t the same as greatness.

    But fair point on the crabs.

    1. Greatness has always been determined by stats and records. Cals stats alone are great but….When will anyone ever break his Iron Man record. Baseball is more than runs, hits and pitching. And the crabs are awesome and you they may call them Maryland crab cakes but if it isn’t made in Maryland it usually sucks you have to use Old Bay.

  18. Don’t forget Harriet Tubman, Underground railroad (from Dorchester Co.) and Frederick Douglas born in Talbot Co.–McCormick Spice Co. (Old Bay) the largest spice co. in the world, H.L.Menchen (writer, social critric) born in Baltimore, The Duchess of Windsor born in Baltimore and attended the Oldfields School., Babe Ruth born in Baltimore–

  19. Maryland would be a wonderful state if the politicians , aholes and snobs would get out and move down South or something. I’ve lived all over the state and I will hate to leave it when time comes. But besides all of that, first county sheriff, James Baldridge in 1637; St. Mary’s County, MD St. Mary’s is also the location of Maryland’s first state house and hosts the largest fleet of sunken wooden hulled ships in the western hemisphere at Mallows Bay. The first woman lawyer, landowner, taxpayer and suffragist, in America was Margaret Brent; she lived in MD in the 1600’s. First human voice via radio transmission was from Cobb Island, Maryland.in 1900. And of course, The RAVENS, so anyone who doubts that Maryland is cool has bumped their head. This is just the stuff I can recall off the top of my head.

    1. Mallows Bay is on the Potomac River in Charles county. I would say it is closest to Nanjemoy if you look on Google Earth.
      No one mentioned slot machines and tobacco.
      How about the Harry Nice(301) bridge. Pt Lookout, Solomon’s Island, Pt Tobacco – the entire Potomac river is outrageous along it’s length in Maryland. I love Great Falls, Point of Rocks, and Harper’s Ferry.

      However truth be told, the coolest state flag goes to Texas. The image of that flag can be found across that entire state. I can’t say the same for Maryland. You can find The Lone Star in about any place you might not even think of looking down there. They sell tortilla chips in the shape of the state down there. Low taxes, republicans and gun loving people are all attractive.

  20. The first Roman Catholic diocese in the United States (Baltimore), the first Cathedral (Basilica of the Assumption), the first two Roman Catholic seminaries (St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore and Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg), and the State flag is the only state flag to actually be a military regiment’s regimental colors. The flag was originally the regimental colors for the Maryland 5th Regiment formed on 3 December 1774 and are still around today as the 175th Infantry (MD 5th Regt).

  21. Maryland is also the wealthiest stateaccordong to forbes. Boasting several of the top counties. Montgomery Howard. Charles Anne arundel and pg has the hihjest percent if affluent. Blacks

  22. Run Away Bride and Tuck Everlasting filmed in Historic Berlin (which is 8 miles and 100 years from Ocean City)

  23. John Wilkes Booth adds to the state being “full of greatness” huh?

    Oh, and the post office sucks. I’m embarrassed it was started here.

    UMD Shock Trauma is just as good as Hopkins. Hopkins is great for research though. You could give NIH and Naval Medical Center some credit too for being in MD. Not all of MD is Baltimore.

  24. anybody STUPID enough to think this is an awesome state clearly doesn’t pay attention to the legislature that MD’s moronic governor wants passed.

  25. Yes. I would agree that Maryland is the shit. However, please refrain from saying “reason why” – you need only say “reason”. Using both reason and why is redundant. That being said, let me also point out an omission on your list: Marylanders are THE WORST drivers in all of the world. Oh, maybe you left that out on purpose! The will litterally road rage you to death. I forgive all of them, though, because I love eating crabs too much to care. I will fight that battle every time, just for those delicious crabs. Crabs win every time.

  26. For Richer or Poorer, Kirstie Alley and Tim Allen filmed in Carroll County, MD, our state is home to the Preakness, 2nd jewel of the Triple Crown, and home to some of the best thoroughbred race horses in the world!

  27. Well, being a Maryland transplant from Texas (the other greatest state in the US), I was skeptical about your list. However, you actually made Maryland sound pretty damn great, which makes me feel a little less traitorous for leaving my Lone Star state for your Old Line state. I’ll never call it home, but I can be proud to call it where I choose to live. Thanks!

  28. Genuwine is from and believe still lives in Brandywine. I love this state grew up in St. Marys Co… miss it every day of my life I dont like the Midwest they think MD is in new england smh some people

  29. First crown bottle cap (like used today) invented by William Painter in 1892 in Baltimore. He started Crown Cork and Seal company in Baltimore. Gave birth to the soda business.

  30. Wealthiest county is Montgomery County followed by Howard County. Wealthiest black county in America is Prince George’s County. We were #1 in education in 2012/2013. Let’s get it again for 2014! Known for corn, rice, and tobacco during it’s establishment. Have direct ties to the royal bloodline through the Calvert and Crossland families (most of the counties are named after each royal family member for the most part). 1/3 of the DelMarVa Peninsula! Old Bay and Maryland Blue Crabs (every August is CrabFest)!

  31. As far as I’m concerned, I am famous, yep, famous for sitting on my pier in Southern Maryland, under a huge shad cloth, catching MARYLAND CRABS, so that I can get those puppies into a huge pot and Old Bay the heck out of them. To me, Southern Maryland is the only place to live. Thank you Lord.

  32. That picture of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is awful! Give the breed some respect and put a pure bred Chessie on this article! You’re showing a mix breed that looks 13 years old! Chessies are absolutely beautiful dogs and this picture does not do it justice! Just my 2 cents…and yes, I am a pure bred Cheaaie owner

  33. How can you forget John Waters!!!! Also, Charles “Roc” Dutton.
    The history of Ellicott City alone is amazing. Proud to be from Murlan Hon

  34. The only beef I have with Maryland are all the snobby motherfuckers getting in the way of the sick from getting their herbal medicine. Or anyone else, for that matter.

    I guess people with Crohns are just addicts who need to get over their incurable disease by the power of Jesus. That is not to say that it cures Crohns, but it helps like no other medicine. It is essential.

    But no. We have “too much of an addiction problem already.” And even though Medical passed recently that doesn’t mean that any of these selfish assholes are going to let anyone set up shop.

    Uggghhhhh. GET IT TOGETHER MD.

  35. I love Maryland for all these reasons and more. But I also have twice as many more reasons why your politicians and legislators have totally screwed it up with laws and taxes that make it where anyone who has left will probably never want to return to live there. I find it ironic that the state that is synonymous with freedom has stripped away so much of it from their citizens.

  36. I loved every thing that Mike wrote. remember, he only intended to write the 10 most important things in our great city of BALTIMOERE. If he included every person, place or thing that we are famous for, we would be here till next week. Yes, please see about getting this put into booklet MIKE take care and

  37. Didn’t bob marley live in b-more for a bit? Or was that Delaware… Oprah Winfrey lived in bmore for a bit, that one I’m certain of

  38. Cal Ripken Jr is a moron. Took advantage of, lied to and pretty much stole from little league. I would know, i was in little league for 5 years. He is also the most ignorant, nasty, selfish man when there are no camera’s to watch him. He might have made all those great accomplishments in his sports while the camera was watching… …but what really matters is how you are when the camera ISNT watching. He is super fake and phoney as hell.

    Everything else… i agree with 100%.

  39. 100% Eastern Shore Marylander here, and I truly do love this state. Other than the terrible governor, and the endless taxing that’s running people and businesses out of this state, it is a great place to live. We have the best of all worlds here with all 4 seasons, oceans, bays, rivers, and streams, along with forests and mountains within a short drive. I really don’t care who is from here, It’s who is here now that matters!

  40. MD will always be near an dear to my heart as I was born and raised there. My hometown. Lived there for 20 yrs then joined the US Air Force there. I now live in TX and I love it here also, this is now my home. I still go back to MD a few times a year to visit my parents and sisters and my other family members who come home to visit our HOMETOWN.

  41. The first thoroughbred horse in the US was bred by Samuel Ogle at Belair Stables in Bowie Maryland. Also, Larry David went to U of Md. Go TERPS!

  42. Maryland gave up the land which became Washington DC. Best education in the country, First bookmobile, and has anyone ever heard of the Naval Academy?

  43. I agree with all 10 items. I used to bragg that you could do anything in MD within a 3 hour drive from your home. From off shore ocean fishing to snow skiing in the mountains. Unfortunately the state has turned too blue for me. We are being taxed to death to support all the entitlement programs. I will be leaving MD when I retire and will not let the door hit me in the ass when I do leave. i will reluctantly shut it behind me. I loved this state but the politicians in Annapolis have ruined it. I will always call it my home where I could not afford to retire in. SADD! Will always love the Baltimore Colts, Orioles, Ravens and steamed crabs no matter I lay my head!

  44. What a great informative and enjoyable article. We were Maryland residents for many years (born, educated, maried, had children). There are many things to do there. Maryland is a wonderful experience to see, but thankfully we retired in Florida and no longer have to shovel the snow and some politicians rhetoric! Thank you so much for your honorable mentions!

  45. I lived in Maryland for 26 years. When I retired I couldn’t wait to get the f@#k out. I relocated to a real state. Michigan.

  46. I worked 9-5. took 2 1/2 hours to get to work and get home in that shitty 695 traffic, Taxes are oppressive. No self defense law even in your own home. Unfriendly people, Too much hustle and bustle for me. Oh… and everything is soooo expensive.

    1. Why do peope that don’t live here or don’t like living here feel the need to reply? This is a great article! Thanks for highlighting some of the reasons we love being Marylanders!

  47. William Macy is from Cumberland. One of the best is the Western Maryland Hospital System, that can boast being in the top 5% of the nation in heart surgery. Don’t forget the history of Fort Cumberland with George Washington. The C&O Canal, B&O Railroad and Cumberland was considered the Gateway to the West.

  48. Great article! Please, please, please eliminate the name “John Wilkes Booth” from the list of “great ” Marylanders.. He killed Lincoln …
    For heavens sake get rid of his name NOW!!

  49. ALSO: Maryland can boast about the Maryland Health Connection website; the only Obummer Care website that is proven WORSE than the Federal one. Just ask anyone who has tried to sign up for their Obummer Care. So bad that the woman in charge has resigned in shame.

  50. Not sure he was from Md., but what about Jim Henson inventing the muppets when he was a student at Univ. of Md. There’s a statue of him near the student union ad Univ. of Md., College Park

  51. Maryland- so awesome that the most powerful people in the world vacation here (Camp David). Also home to the first gas pump in the U.S., and for a brief period stood as the nations capital (Annapolis). Famous? Pat Sanjak, Kevin Bacon, Drew Barrymore, and Kevin Spacey have or currently do call it home. First civilian bloodshed of the Civil War. Home of the U.S. Coast Guard Yard where the USCG maintains its fleet and has even refitted ships from foreign governments due to their advanced shipyard.

  52. Okay, so I was born in PG County, raised in Fredneck, moved away to Colorado (seen how the other half live), came back (since 2001) and realized that it’s screwed-up anywhere you go so, make the best of the place you live and make the place you live, the best. Who knows, it might just come to an end tomorrow for all we know… The rats in DC surely aren’t doing anything to make things better for the country and neither is our illustrious Governor either… Rain Tax!!! WTF!?!? I will say that we do have some awesome sights, I enjoy the hell out of going out to Western Maryland at any time of the year, hiking, camping, going to the beach, cooking/eating fresh crabs. Don’t forget Barbara Fritchie too, if you don’t know who she was, look it up, learn your local history…

  53. I was born and raised in MD. But today’s Maryland is being run like a communist country. The governor is taxing everything, and wants to do so to your rain water. I could think of 20 easy reasons not to live there anymore. So happy I moved, and I have freedoms Marylanders can only dream of.

  54. But the Maryland State song (which is a call to succeed from the Union) is a bit over the top. And your state sport: Jousting? Seriously?

  55. I do not consider John Wilkes Booth famous. He is infamous and a plague on the South. As a Southern sympathizer, his murder of Pres. Lincoln fomented years of revenge upon the South. Reconstruction became years of revenge on the States that “ONLY WANTED TO BE LEFT ALONE”

  56. Very sad list.. What really makes me enjoy life, looking at a flag, getting crabs, and having a good Hospital for when I get shoot in the Murder captial of the US for 2014 (Baltimore). The last new thing Maryland did was in 1828. Good Job..

  57. maryland sucks. controlled by liberals, we are taxed too much on everything and anything that moves. cost of living here is thru the roof, taxes and government over regulation on everything… illegal mexicans are taking over… looks like like Mexico than the USA. forced emissions testings and fees on us, increased bay bridge tolls… rain tax… the list goes on and on. Horrible state to live in.

    MD sucks.

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