chicken wings

so last night (or this morning) i was asleep in my bed having some dreams. one of the dreams was set at a bar and i naturally ordered some buffalo wings. i suppose some time passes and my food is brought to me. on one half of the plates were some delicious chicken wings, the other half of the plate were other pieces of chicken like the thighs, breasts and legs. It was divided in half, and I thought it was weird at the time. I guess I just assumed I ordered wrong and went about my dream. While dreaming I recall thinking, “man, i love wings. i haven’t had wings in a long time”.

So I wake up and I am sitting at the computer and I hear my sister ask me where I want to go for dinner. And before I could even answer she said, “Why don’t we go for wings?”  I was like, “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeeeeet?” cue music:

…so i guess i’ll be getting wings. But how weird is that??? She never wants wings…ever.


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