soo, last night was my 22nd birthday and, well, i got drunker than my 21st. long story short, i didn’t pay for a single drink all night, wound up face down on my front lawn and at 2 in the morning my mother googled “alcohol poisoning”…no joke.

but before i stopped remembering things. i saw this cool coaster at the bar. it matches the compatibility between Zodiac signs. check it outs…

see if the stars hate your friends too
see if the stars hate your friends too

so ive been driving up and down 270 recently, and almost every single time i get into my car i see a license plate with “5EX” on it. Is it just me, or does that look just like SEX?? 5EX vs SEX. The similarities are numerous. So not only is sex always on my mind, it’s like haunting me as well. I am haunted by 5EX. No lie. I have seen this virtually every time i drive a vehicle. Like one day i’ll be walking down the street and a piano will fall from the sky, and the broken wood and keys all over the road will spell “HUMP” and I’ll run screaming. I took this picture to prove that I am not crazy, I have blurred the latter half of the plate to protect the identity of the innocent.


Thanks to everybody that wished me a happy birthday. Being 22 is the COOLEST.


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