Modern Marvels: Snackfood Tech

the average american consumes about 25POUNDS of candy a year

“that’s a tremendous amount of volume” – direct quote from candy maker regarding the making of candy in his plant

montezuma served cortez a golden chalice with something called chocolate (said in native voice) – cortez brought it back to europe and people went nuts. it was like the beatles of food. what a badass food? i would love to travel across the Atlantic and be greeted by a native people with this DELICIOUS beverage. man, that must have been cool to witness- the natives were like, “does he like it?….shit…..he doesn….wai…….he doesnt li……..shit…….shit…….”

my dogs tail is wagging while she is asleep. is that a good dream or what. i wish a part of my body clearly moved while i was happy. i guess thats what a smile is when i think about it.

“you cant have a great snickers bar, without great carmel” – says the same candy maker from before. he is a fat white man with a slight speech impediment

everything in a chocolate bar factory looks like human crap. think about it. peanuts, chocolate, nougat. come on. then it’s rolled into…tubular bars

imagine standing watching conveyor belts go by just full with rows of snickers. after about 20 min of looking at that, someone has got to think, “this…kind of looks like shit”

i hate thinking bugs are on me

WOAH – History channel threw out a curveball by saying that Idaho isn’t the highest potato making place when it comes to a certain chip.

man, this is a great time to have kids. IHOP is giving kids free food, fuckin lenscrafters is giving away free lenses to under 17…damn. think of all the money i could be saving.

i think, growing up is when you first can contemplate having your own kids. cause no 6 year old is like, “man…i’m gonna be takin my son to some Orioles games one day;” it’s that missing sense of being one that makes us think we need one.

Pennsylvania: The Potato Chipping State

the narrator for history channel shows must be SO SMART. He is always the same guy, just narrating an hour long special. He is gaining knowledge

why is it that i mean to type “standing” earlier but i actually typed “sranding” and no red line came on under it. whyyyyyy????

a pretzel was invented by old monks that made it in the shape of “childrens arms folded in prayer” and would give them to the children as a “little reward” (or the meaning to the latin word for pretzel)


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