the movie critic

GO SEE INGLORIOUS BASTERDS!!! It was the best movie I have seen all year. If you encounter someone that thinks it was a bad movie, immediately disregard them because they have no idea what a film is. It was excellent from the editing, casting, writing, directing and plot lines. You get to know many characters through the course of the movie. It is worth the money to go see. Fuck GI Joe, fuck district 9….this is the shit. Who doesn’t like killing Nazi’s? Its just a classy movie.

he hasnt been this cool since Oceans 11
he hasn't been this cool since Oceans 11

One thought on “the movie critic”

  1. I watched Eli Roth’s half an hour special on Current TV talking about the filming of the movie and it was great. It’s nuts how the owner of Dr. Mambo is good friends with Tarentino and now a movie star haha.

    By the way Fitzy spoke with me recently and informed me about the short movie with you and Marshall. Needless to say I’m shitting my pants nervous but I think I’m going to try and do it. However, I will need to hang out with to gain some of your comedy brilliance while also smoking copious amounts to get into character.

    Love the blog man. Craig’s from Florence if you’re interested.

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