obama real talk

obama had something to say about all this kanye hoop-la. first of all, the mere fact that everyone on the planet now agrees that “kanye is an asshole” makes him even more powerful. honestly people, what do you think he wanted? people to talk about him. that’s it. it has absolutely nothing to do with taylor swift or beyonce. kanye knew he would make people talk about him. im sure all this media coverage has made him so happy. in fact, by ruining swifts “big moment” he probably has a bunch of young, white high school/college girls that will no longer listen to his music….which…is also something he probably wanted. why would a rapper give a fuck is some girl at Florida State writes on her wall, “fuck kanye”. c’mon America, stop being so naive.

didn’t the man just come out with a song talking about his huge ego? the best way to get back at kanye is to stop talking about it, and well…listen to his music because he is great at his job. (and yes, i realize how ironic it is that i just wrote all of this)

this link is from the bbc, it has an audio clip of our president calling him a jackass. EVEN THE PRESIDENT IS TALKING ABOUT IT??? Kanye must be sooo happy. seriously. the president. touche mr. west.



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