sorry i’ve been departed

sorry, im back. now for some entertainment.

– so i watched the 2Pac documentary the other day (2Pac: Ressurrection)…great movie. And now for a little SAT analogy…2Pac is to Rap as Bob Marley is to…

A) Jamaica

B) Reggae

C) Industrial Revolution

D) All of the above

this week i am  9/22….

– i got a fortune today that says, “your life will be happy and peaceful.” i think this is a great fortune to get. much better than my last one that said, “you shouldn’t have eaten here.”

– so im thinking about starting an Open Mic downtown Frederick…anyone wanna rant about some shit? ill keep you posted on whats happeninggggg.

– ice cream is good

– there was, at one time, a praying mantis loose in my house. at first i thought, “hmm…isn’t it illegal to kill a praying mantis in Maryland?” (this is not true, or so i hear from the internet). but then all i could think about was a praying mantis crawling around the house, in my bed, on my toothbrush. what if i reached for my Oral-B and got a Praying-M instead? i think a scream would do. not only is there a mantis snoopin’ around my domicile, but my mom leaves the door open which lets about 5 Billion moths in. Our house is seriously like a botanical garden, rich with the flight of all creatures. So the next day, I see a mantis crawlin’ on the outside window…could this be our house guest? We will never know.

– I saw this special on TV about selling weed in California, and about communities that grow it and sell it like Amsterdam. I’m moving to California.

– How stupid would paul mccartney and ringo look if they played the beatles rock band? my guess, probably not that stupid. after all, they are the beatles. When do the beatles look stupid doing anything? If John Lennon bought a candy bar from a vending machine, it would be the most legendary poster ever.

– If Jesus was a carpenter, i bet he would love this new paint hose, and all the new painting shit they got over at Home Depot. I seriously think he would be spending a lot of his time, if he were to return to 2009, in Home Depot. That’s his shit. He would walk the aisles like, “got that, got that, don’t got…helllooooo.”

Hey Jesus, nice wood glue! - Thanks, I got it on sale my son.
"Hey Jesus, nice wood glue!" - "Thanks, I got it on sale my son."

– I was staying at my grandparents house and all they had was Johnson and Johnson soap from 1995…the baby shampoo. I had no choice. I had the volume and smell of an infant for 4 days. I guess it helped me look cuter.

– Don’t go to Caribou Coffee.

– I saw The Informant with Matt Damon: my rating…rent it.


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