recollect your thoughts don’t get caught up in the mix cause the media is full of dirty tricks

Kanye West’s “Stronger”….great song. what a great beat. it just makes him seem so much cooler than without it. anyone could walk into a room with this song blasting and look like a badass. order some champagne, buy some real esatate, look out beyond a skyscraper.

a robot literal definition of harder, better, faster, stronger
a literal robot definition of harder, better, faster, stronger

another funny song to walk into a room to- READ THIS BEFORE/WHILE WATCHING THE YOUTUBE VIDEO or just occasionally glance up, ANYWAY, YOU DECIDE!! YOU WILL ENJOY IT MORE:

:18 sec- who expected her to be singing? not me.

:29 sec – enter  creepy guy that has creepy stare – who let him on the set?

:52 sec– tough crowd

:55 sec- what are all these similar aged women doing in a room at one time?

1:07 – i suppose the microphone is useless at this point

1:16 – the Cello player is high

1:18 – enter guy that was cast as the character “Distracting Guy In Back of Scene”

1:25– guy on far left has cool job

1:38 – if you haven’t already noticed its snowing in the background, now you know

1:56 – you may be wondering who tied the bow in her hair. who tied that? that was someone’s job.

2:04– distracting guy redux’


2:38 – it must he Christmas time

2:52 – how did i not see that coming? that was the only thing that was bound to happen and it blindsided me.

where are toenail clippers when you need them? seriously. something you wish would just manifest when needed. maybe one day scientists will develop … nah, ill just stop now before i make up something like a toe polish that would turn your toenails into a perforated edge for your toenail when its too long; a much more easy, quick and efficient method for “clipping” your toenails. that’s what i wasn’t gonna say. but yeah, toeclippers. seriously.

how do you feel about it? 3D would be amazing. props to matt.

cool song. i can envision myself doing something cool to this song. maybe surfing. maybe driving to a potato farm. the choice, at the end of the day is mine, and mine alone. i would def be doing some goofy ass dance to this song…that is for sure. who wouldn’t. the sound the girl makes at 2:54…


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