3:56 PM

Its starting to get cold outside and i hate that. really. who enjoys it when you are slapped in the face by old man winter? What is the personification of fall? Auntie Autumn: The Bitch of the Family? It is just sad to me when the summer heat finally leaves. We managed to hold onto some sun for a while this year, but now…its a whole different season. Great.

So on December 21, 2012 they claim that the sun won’t rise. Who else is getting hammered on December 20th?

OPEN BAR DUDEEEEEE - Farva from Super Troopers
"OPEN BAR DUDEEEEEE" - Farva from Super Troopers

If the theory of parallel universes are true (which, most likely they are because if there are infinite amounts of stars in space, than, well, you know.) that means there is another me somewhere typing onto a blog and another you reading it. Weird right?

Why would Brinks change their name to Broadview? Why? Brinks was such a good home security name, Broadview sounds like an optometrist or a euthanasia plan.

poor decision
poor decision

Jenna Jameson: i would like everyone to sit and think for a little bit, just a few seconds, how many times Jenna Jameson has had sex. Go on, start thinking. She has had so much sex the number that would describe it actually has letters and symbols in it.

I hate how they label the stupid, not funny commentators on VH1 or MTV as “comedians”. What a cheapening of the term.

man, i kind of miss the 1990’s. Good stuff was goin on then.


Would you rather be a sniper-like Archer or a really skilled Swordsman? Both have perks. One would be good long range, the other short. Personally, I would rather be a good swordsman. That would be so cool.

Speaking of cool.


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