gettin jiggy wit’ em

22 10 2009

– “8 days a week is not enough to show I care.” I bet the girl that song refers to was like, “umm, wait….aren’t there……isn’t there sev….am I wrong? orrrrrr, wait. It’s seven days, right? Seven? Sund,Mon, Tues….yeah, John there are only seven days…..OH, I get it. I got it now.”

– So the other day I went up to this place called “Maryland Heights”. This is a rocky, cliff-like overlook in MD where you can see Harpers Ferry, WV as well as the VA border. On top of this wannabe mountain the below picture was taken. It says, “C. R. Parker – 13th Mass. 1861” – So some Union soldier in the Civil War etched his name into the rock-face while blasting Harpers Ferry a new asshole. Ya know, if i were to etch my name into a rock people would be like, “what a fuckin asshole!!” I guess it takes about 150 years for people to respect vandalism as history. Regardless it was still cool to stumble upon.

history? or rock hate?

history? or rock hate?

nice view of VA

nice view of VA

harpers ferry

harpers ferry

thug life'n on top of a mountain

thug life'n on top of a mountain

– from 1861, when we were fighting the Civil War, to 1961, when we were taking drugs, a lot had changed. From Antietam to Acid in 100 years. (we thought that was cool to say…thanks alliteration!!)

– I still wish that I could get slimed, like they used to do on Nickelodeon. Maybe I would be sitting at a restaurant and I order the chicken tenders only to get slimed!!!! What is that slime made of/who was hired to make that?? That’s a fun job.

i wanna be slimed in the early 90s like them

coincidentally, these are their O faces

– They should make “suicide bomber super soakers” – this would entail you strapping a ticking water bomb to your chest and running into the encampment of the enemy. Sadly, this would sell big time in our country.

shortly after this photo, timmy exploded on the school bus

shortly after this photo, timmy exploded on the school bus

– I asked for this song to be played as the last song of the night at a bar in College Park…the DJ fervently denied my request. But on the writing machine, I’m the DJ and guess what….it’s being played. oddly, this song was played in every club in London when I was there in March. Will Smith, living legend.




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