2Face Shakur

2face was apparently not 2neck

– so this was my halloween costume, Two Face. My version was more reminiscient of the villain from the animated series….

this guy

not this guy

…all in all it was a pretty big success. well recieved by my coworkers and patrons of the place I work. It was kinda funny, cause i also had to dress up a day before halloween for work. so that whole afternoon im walkin around DC as 2face, people were staring at me on the metro. i kinda felt like a celebrity, but not for the right reasons.

– I dont get cell phone service at my house. I find myself frequently holding my phone above my head to try and “find” service, as if it was hiding somewhere in the shadows of my living room. Every time i hold the phone in such a way i wonder, “why am i doing this?” – Like, the extra 3 feet of arm extension isn’t gonna hack into the airwaves that Verizon isn’t transmitting to Jefferson. Everyone does this though. Must be a human thing.

"you're doin it all wronngggggg" - George Carlin in Jay and Silent Bob

– For some reason this day light savings bullshit has really screwed with my equilibrium. normally it doesn’t phase me, but this time im tired and sluggish all the time. i must be getting old.

– Would you spend the night in Dracula’s castle? I would have to say no, because on the 11 hour plane ride there I would be like, “why….am I doing this?”

he puts garlic on eyyyyythanggg

– Why is it that only Catholic priests know how to combat the Devil when he possesses people? What does that say about Catholics?

– So recently NASA has compiled the average color of the Universe, if everything were blended together. The actual color is somewhat of a beige. interesting right? The stupid part is, when the contest was held for what they should call this color…they called it “cosmic latte”. This won over a much cooler name “skyvory”. Cosmic Latte?? What a pretentious, stupid, topical, yuppie name. Scientists 1000 years in the future will have to call it that? C’mon NASA.

– cool song from the 90’s featuring the man, Nick Hexum.


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