the new old meets the hip squares

– So last night I finished reading the biography of Jim Morrison called No One Here Gets Out Alive. It is written by a former Rolling Stone writer and a personal friend of The Doors. It was a very good book. If you like The Doors, I recommend this to you. It was an easy read, and it goes into detail about the intriguing life of Morrison. Cool dude.

"When you make your peace with authority, you become authority"

– I just drove by a rather interesting ad at a bus stop. This ad had a picture of a dead persons foot with a toe tag on it, the caption said, “This little piggy was killed by a drunk driver.” What the fuck?

– It is November 15th and it is 71 degrees outside. Wow. Global warming might suck for future generations, but luckily we are the generation where it is actually quite pleasant.

little does Mike know, 2010 is gonna be a scorcher

– While riding the Metro yesterday, I realized that the middle class sucks. A lot of average looking people, with more than average expectations. Talking about how The Hangover is the best comedy ever made or “why Honda is a good car to buy” makes me wanna punch someone. It is hard to show the person in the middle where they are, because they aren’t high enough, or low enough, on the plane of existence to see it.

– And now it’s time for another TRUE DAT FACT: Dr. Seuss pronounced “Seuss” such that it rhymed with “rejoice”…true…dat.

– Today, quite a few drivers changed lanes in an intersection. This pisses me off. Why? I don’t really know, it does nothing to hinder my day. I just know that it is illegal, so when I see it done I’m like…”that’s illegal.” I write them off as being an asshole, only because “the man” tells me too. Kinda the same way I write off drug dealers and pimps.

they change lanes whenever they bitch please

– This is the type of song that, whenever it comes on…everyone is like, “…alright.”




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