anyone miss the old batmobile?

– This show Man v Food, what the hell? First of all this man will have a heart-attack in the very near future. I find this show, where he just goes and eats outlandishly large portions at random restaurants, is kind of pointless. Of course there is gonna be some dickhead restaurant owner that makes a 4- bacon-cheeseburger patty- pizza- chilli fry nachos

this could have fed a classroom of hungry children...asshole

– Shaq is now reppin Comcast, the tagline, “Shaq’s got your back!” Okay, so next time I have a problem with my cable I’m gonna find Shaq and be like, “yo man, you said you had my back? Did I hear that correctly?”

wants you to make sure you get The Discovery Channel

– I went to Midas the other day to get my brakes checked. I wasn’t surprised when I found my rotors had amazingly been turned to gold.

unlike 50 cent, he got the midas touch

– This food host is not funny. Yeah, the Man v Food guy. Thinks he is…he’s not. He said, “word to yo mutha…let’s do vanilla.” check mate.

– Man v Food is simply a broadcasted representation of American gluttony to the world. People in war torn, famine ridden countries are watching like, “OWWW, MY STOMACH!! SOMEONE HELP!!! AMERICA LOOKS AMAZING. GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

– Help me get this video to over 10,000 hits!!!! watch it a lot!!


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