to get you through your day

– People always think that the girls on Girls Gone Wild will one day regret showing their boobs. Becoming an embarrassment to their families, and being turned down for jobs. What about the narrator of the commercial? Talking about exposed breasts, sexy co-eds and “handfuls of fun”. One day his 8 year old son will be like, “why did you narrate this daddy??? why??”

– Do people that “go green” cut down a Christmas tree? Or do they use an artificial tree that is full of chemicals? AND IF these greenies have a tree, do they plug in Christmas lights for it? What a waste of energy! I’m sure  someone is gonna invent those weird, swirly, energy saving light bulbs in Christmas light form.

though they save you energy, they will still set your tree on fire

– AND NOW IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER TRUE DAT FACT: Every time Beethoven sat down to write music, he poured ice water over his head. true dat.

what a dickkkkkk

– I sometimes think that someone like Hitler once sat in a room, bullshitting with people, discussing his “final solution”. Everyone in the room must have been like, “…what?”

– This is a cool video where Jim Morrison in 1969 kind of predicts the rap/electronic/disco era of music.

-Boredom sucks. I found myself pacing, alone, in my kitchen. Do I need more things to do? Another job? A hobby? I don’t know anymore.

– There is an old lady at the bank in Jefferson. I asked her for the date, not because I was truly curious, but because I needed it for my deposit slip. She told me it was the 7th. So I ask her, “do you know what happened on December 7th?” It took her a longgg time, so I gave her another hint, “…in 1941.” It wasn’t until after this statement that she guessed, “….Pearl Harbor?” I was tempted to say, “WEREN’T YOU BORN BY THEN BITCHHH???” ….but I didn’t

– Instead of remembering the actual day of Pearl Harbor, we should all mourn the day the film was released. May 25th, 2001.

mourn the loss of $ $8 for popcorn

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