the lizard’s tail

– This is a cool video from the BBC, talking about potential ways to harness the power of the ocean to give us energy. Pretty cool stuff. Seems like common sense type stuff. It makes me breathe easy, knowing that if oil runs out we have something to power our meaningless possessions.

– I wish I was more creative when it came to “raising my hand” in class back in the day. It is one of those, “I wish that I knew what I know now” moments. Because now, I would be raising my hand like a kung-fu master, or a discus thrower.

"the answer is Industrial Revolution"

– FedEx Kinkos should make their slogan, “get Kinky at FedEx Kinkos.”  The commercial would be people doin’ it on the fax machines and stuff. Hell, if that was the ad campaign, you bet your ass I would go make some copies.

– This imodicon “XD”  depicts someone laughing hysterically. If someone’s face actually looked like that when they laughed hysterically, I would probably call an ambulance.

someone lost an eye ;-(

– I watched David Blaine: Street Magic last night. Wow, he can do some pretty ridiculous shit. He went to Haiti, and people wouldn’t watch his tricks because they thought he was doing some black magic like the devil. What if a Haitian guy was so confused and bewildered that he just stabbed David Blaine, thinking he was killing the devil incarnate? I wouldn’t blame the guy honestly. You can’t go to native people doin some mind reading type shit, and not expect to be stabbed to death. But alas, Blaine lives.

stabbed directly after he pulled the King of Hearts

– True: The word “alphabet” comes from the combination of the first two words of the Grecian alphabet “alpha” and “beta”…dat – TRUE DAT FACT SONNN

– The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, once said, “If I could make a current of electricity vary in intensity precisely as the air varies in density during the production of sound, I should be able to transmit speech telegraphically.” To which his roommate responded, “Go fuck yourself Alex. I get it, you went to college.”

– I watched the show I Shouldn’t Be Alive on…wait for it…Animal Planet. It had nothing to do with animals, just 4 guys stranded on the middle of the Sea of Cortez after a plane crash. No boat or liferaft, just 4 bodies in the ocean. One guy was like, “I’m gonna try and swim to shore and get help!” This guy had NO idea which direction he was swimming. He could have been swimming further out to sea. But, in the middle of a storm, he swam, at night, alone, in the middle of the sea. His body becomes weak with fatigue, and he isn’t sure if he will make it, considering that no land is in sight. He then feels a sting on his leg, then another, and another. It turns out, he was swimming through thousands of jellyfish!! What a nightmare! Could you imagine that? Anyway, he presses on and eventually makes it to shore, only to find 2 fisherman that don’t speak any English. The next day the Mexican Navy (which, contrary to popular belief, is NOT 4 guys in a canoe) saved the other 3 men.

i'd scream like an underwater girl

– This video NEVER gets old. Kanye was right. Anyway, if you didn’t know, one of the “ladies” dancing with Beyonce is actually a man. This is true. See for yourself.


3 thoughts on “the lizard’s tail”

  1. David Blaine is a fraud. But if he were randomly stabbed, that would provide for some comedic value. Alexander Graham Bell, haha!

  2. LOL’d @ “What if a Haitian guy was so confused and bewildered that he just stabbed David Blaine” and “Go f*** yourself Alex” lol

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