snow daze alone in a cottage

– Great beginning to a song.

– When at work, I heard on the radio that the roads were “treacherous” and let me tell you…they were. See below definition.

1. characterized by faithlessness or readiness to betray trust
– Frontline is making a program called, “From Jesus to Christ”
– If the show you’re watching says, “Hosted by Christie Yamaguchi” …change the channel.

im not very interesting to watch
– The word “Yamaguchi” is fun to say a few times outloud.
– My high school is located on Cummings Drive. That was always sinister to say while giving directions. “Make a left onto Cum…(muffled laughter)

rail em roaders
– I encountered this on the Metro last night. It seems Santa has lost all hope. His treacheries will be remembered all holiday season.
Fonz Clause
– Some shows say, “Made possible by contributions from viewers like you.” If they were like me, no one would be contributing.
– So now I am currently stranded in Rockville, with about 19 feet of snow outside, with nothing on but womens basketball. I think, this is how many horror movies start.

someone help me
– I found a pack of Polaroid film that was from about 1970, on the front it said High-Definition. What a bunch of liars.
– What a great song…
– And now it is time for yet another TRUE DAT FACT: The glue on Israeli postage stamps is certified kosher….true dat.

return to sender if it tastes like it had hooves

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