mackadocious, sweeet and precocious

– “He’s a ball-chinian!” – Will Smith Men in Black II

family movie whayyyyyeeett?

– Men in Black II comes on TV and my sister goes, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this.” My first reaction was shock, then came slow understanding and acceptance.

– So I went snowboarding for the 2nd time ever today. I have no idea how I didn’t break my tailbone. Clearly I am not an experienced snowboarder, but my brother and sister are. They decide to take me down “the back of the mountain” which has a steep slope leading to moguls….MOGULS. I was outraged and suprised. I think I fell about 73 times, but hey, it was fun.

i'm the guy laying on my back, moaning.

– This is really what I wanted to listen to on the way down the mountain…. but I’m not experienced enough to listen to music 😦

– After we hit the slopes, we stopped and ate-in at a local Pizza Hut. You should just find that to be a funny image. Dining in, at a Pizza Hut. What a great experience. Remember “Book It” at Pizza Hut? When you read enough books in elementary school, and your teacher gave you a sticker or something. Enougn stickers could be redeemed at Pizza Hut for a personal pan pizza. I wish that still happened. And I also wish a personal pan pizza was an appropriate portion size for an adult in our society.

also the slogan for criminals everywhere

– And now it is time, for yet another, TRUE DAT FACT – Recycling one glass jar, saves enough energy to watch T.V for 3 hours.. true dat sonnnnnnn!! Save the planet B!!!

I...have to disagree with their mission statement

– When a DVD skips people don’t yell Directors Cut! Like they yell Remix! for a CD

– One time, I watched Wild On with Brooke Burke…and it wasn’t censored!!! First of all, what an amazing show. Second of all, to see nudity on cable made me think I was dreaming. After the first commercial break it went back to being censored, which is a bummer. The guy at the FCC must have fallen asleep and woke up like, “SHIT!”


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