back to the present

– I’m pretty sure that Usher is gay. Just watch a video of his. But you’ll say, “Mike, he is a dancer.” No. MJ was a dancer and he didn’t look like a teenage girl that just left Forever 21.

from his performance at the auto mechanics convention in Detroit

– Speaking of Usher, wasn’t he rapping in “Confessions” about his kid on the way? I wonder how that kid is doin? Probably be about 3 now.

– Dominoes has recently tried to “reinvent” their image from a place that sells crappy pizza, to a little less crappy. To do this, they have a whole new ad campaign where they have a bunch of Italian guys in some kitchen laboratory somewhere making dough and stirring sauce. I find it interesting that if Americans are going to be told pizza is good, they need the authentic Italian immigrant making it. If on this commercial Dominoes showed us their kitchen lab and a Korean dude was making the pizza next to a black midget…would anyone buy it?

you want pepperoni on dat?

– I just got a blackberry. Now I have something to talk about with EVERYONE.

– At work the other day my boss lined up all the staff members and told us all we were terrible at our jobs. He saw me laughing.

some people.

– More people use blue toothbrushes, than red ones. TRUE DAT FAX MACHINE SON!

Shout out to the Brunswick Middle School lunch room:

– Some dude called me “Milosevic” at work, confusing him for the ousted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (who my hair apparently looks like). So I turn to the guy and say, “uhhhhhhhh, Slobodan Milosevic committed mass genocide in Kosovo.” He quickly corrected himself.

My hair guy
mass murder guy that looks nothing like my hair guy

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