saved by the hell

– Modern Marvels on History Channel is getting a little lazy. It used to be like, “Mega Bridges” and “Laser Cannons” now it’s “Eggs” and “Corn”

uhhh... not very modern guys.

– Mario Lopez is hosting the Miss America 2010 competition. I bet there is a threesome involving Slater, Miss Ohio and Miss Virgin Islands.

– Michael Phelps is now hawking Subway….why?

i need money or a better smile

– So let me tell you what is wrong with this picture. Noone is making the connection between the 14 Gold Medals around his neck with the fact that he smokes. So logic would read:

A: If Michael Phelps smokes pot

B: And Michael Phelps has 14 olympic gold medals

C: Than smoking pot leads to 14 golds medals

one of Maryland's finest sons

….please no comments on my flawed Aristotelian logic.

– That show Cake Boss on TLC is making an actual sized racecar cake. What a waste of food. Truly American. There are millions of displaced and starving people, and some Italian guy can make a 400 pound waste cake?

-“Have you ever, ever, ever, in your long legged life met a long legged sailor-with a long legged wife?” I hope not. What a weird image. A couple with legs the size of school buses? Kind of disturbing actually.

they enjoy deep snow and long walks in the swamp

– There are only so many ways to wear a hat.

– Is anyone else pissed off about morning breath? I fall asleep, don’t eat or drink anything but wake up tasting like i just ate some salad or something. What the hell is going on here? So I am supposed to believe that that taste in my mouth is just….from me? Wacky science!

– Speaking of science!! Bill Nye the Science Guy has recently changed his image to Bill Nye the Social Studies Guy. He has not been met with nearly as much success.

"No Becky, it just says Soviet Union in your text books."

One thought on “saved by the hell”

  1. always ragging on the italians. other races make actual-size racecar cakes. there’s a pun in there involving race and racecars as well… first to find it wins a prize

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