treat yourself

– Some woman came into work today with a mustache and had the audacity to be a bitch to me.

"my confidence issues are shown in the way i treat others"

– I was driving past an older woman jogging today, she was stopped at an intersection waiting for the traffic to pass by. I had the urge to yell, “KEEP THAT HEART RATE UP BITCH!” But I decided against it.

– Svedka Vodka has a new ad campaign saying, “Svedka: Number 1 Vodka of 2033” – basically saying that their vodka is so bad in the present times, that decades in the future it will be liked and accepted. Wow, that depresses me.

we suck in 2010, but who knows whats gonna happen.

– I normally go to the same barber on the regular. Recently I have been letting my hair grow longer than usual. I feel that I should contact him and check in. Maybe say, “look, I know i haven’t been around in a while, it’s not you, it’s actually me. in fact it has nothing to do with you.”

– Does anyone actually use Bing?

remember your roots

– Ya know, when the Terps beat Duke it really shows all the fans that previously didn’t give a shit but now, “LOVE TERPS BASKETBALL!” Does this piss anyone else off? When they lost to a school like Virginia Commonwealth like 2 years ago noone gave a damn about Vasquez, but now people are getting pepper sprayed on Rt. 1.

– “Avril Lavigne doesn’t let acne push her around…why should you?” – Proactive Commercial. Say What?

– The word “Checkmate” in chess comes from the Persian phrase “Shah Mat,” which means “the king is dead”. True. Dat. Check. Mate. Shit.

this picture is Persian for CUTE!

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