There is a city called Rome on every continent.

"Get out of Laos you GOD damned Roman!"

– Now, push play and scroll back up to the above picture.

haha see?

symptom 1 of being possessed by the devil

– So, I witnessed a funny encounter on the train last night. A man comes on at my stop, he sits next to me. At the next stop a guy walks on and recognizes the dude next to me. I, of course, eavesdrop. It seemed the 2nd guy applied for a job with the first guy, and so he felt obligated to sit and talk about it with him. They talked for the first 10 min about it, exchanging pleasantries and sharing where they were going. But the conversation quickly became monotonous and exhausted. It was clearly now awkward. So the applicant, feeling his skills of conversation would be analyzed by this prospective employer, had to keep the fire alive. He began asking about the magazine he was reading, talking about the cover artwork and other articles the guy was reading. I believe the conversation ended with, “well, we already filled the position.”

– I also overheard the employer say he was taking 9 weeks off at the end of the year to travel from Australia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia. NINE WEEKS???? Holy shit! What type of job allows that?? NINE WEEKS?

– I’m listening to Jingle Bell Rock as i write this, man, thats great anytime of the year.

– I think I am gonna take a different approach to Halloween this year. I think instead of dressing as a fanciful figure of pop culture, I am just going to assume an alter-ego for the day. Ya know, someone different than myself. Walk around and act normal but have a different accent, mannerisms, follow different social conventions. Maybe a southern guy, or a man with nervous ticks. Just to see how people react. Or I could go as a whorish pirate captain again.

i already have this costume, i mean, i hate to repeat myself

– And now, for some lyrics you forgot about:

“what you wanna ball with the kid
watch your step you might fall
trying to do what I did
mama-unh mama-unh mama cusa
in the middle of the club with the rub-a-dub
no love for the haters
mad cause I got floor seats at the Lakers
see me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders
met Ali he told me I’m the greatest”

– So people be tellin me that Will Smith is gay. This is wrong. His wife is just a giant lesbian.

"The more carpet, the better. I got stock in Empire Today duddddddeahh"

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