– My neighborhood is a lot like any of the urban levels in Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games. In the game a skater would come across, say, a pile of wooden crates or a single trash can which just so happens to be in the middle of the sidewalk. A nice 50-50 nose-grind on a metal rimmed curb perhaps? Listen to any “Superman” by Goldfinger and go nuts on an outdoor tennis court? Thats my hood.

"you just 360 kick-flipped in my garden you piece of shit!"

– I walked past a beautiful mural painted on the side of a fire station in Queens. On one side is the NY skyline including the twin towers with the caption, “never forget 9-11-01”. In the painting, the towers were accentuated, standing like epic giants beaming with power and might. I thought it was awesome. So close to everyones heart, especially in New York. Very well painted, it was very nice. So, I appreciate it and continue walking down the street. I get to the adjacent side of the same building…and the mural real estate COMPLETELY changes. On this side of the fire-station are 3 giant rappers, one of whom I confused with Dr. Dre at first. These guys are called, “The Kings from Queens”. A name which sounds a little too similar to “King of Queens” starring Kevin James.

imagine this next to a memorial for the WTC....

First of all, who negotiated that ad space? Who met with the fire chief like,

“look, so were the ‘kings from queens,’ a local rap group in this area, and we noticed you have an empty brick wall out there.

unless the fire chief looked like this…

in which case he would have immediately said, “paint it.”

– Please do an image search of the words “fire chief” and tell me that each chief looks like they could be related to each other. Its actually disturbing and sad.

– What if there was an internet drug? like someone gave you a link and whatever page it takes you, you are instantly memorized and hypnotized by what you see on the screen. think about it.

"dude i dropped that link you gave me and i'm surfin' harddd mannnnn"

– I contemplated downloading “The Incredible Hulk” with Edward Norton today. What was I thinking?

– Texas is also the only state that is allowed to fly its state flag at the same height as the U.S. flag. What dat fact????

"the stars at night, are big and bright **** deep in the heart of a place that feels they are better than youuuuu"


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