shocks & struts

– My toenails have reached the point where they are just a little too long. I feel them scratching my legs and getting caught on my bed sheets. Time to take action.

my date with destiny

– Speaking of nails, I saw a man yesterday with thumb-nails that looked dead, decaying, blackish green, and rotten. Put some gloves on! Imagine having to sit next to that guy while he was reading a book or texting, I think I would switch seats.

– I’ve had the score to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom stuck in my head for weeks now. There is no reason it should be stuck there considering I haven’t seen this movie in a few years I think (I know, shame on me). Regardless, it is a pretty badass musical composition to magically appear in my brain. Here it is:

– Wouldn’t this be a better world if HPV really stood for Harry Potter Five.

– I heard a woman laugh JUST like the end of Woody Woodpecker the other day. No joke. Here it is:

– This Mexican guy I work with asked me if I was going out once I got off the clock. We live near each other and he was prodding to see if we could possibly do something together. I told him I wasn’t really in the mood for a night out on the town, assuming he was talking about going to a bar. I returned the question and asked what he was doing to which he replied, “Yeah, I think I’m gonna go to a diner and get some broiled salmon.” Talk about different wavelengths.

crazyyyyy night mannn

– When Gutenberg invented the printing press, do you think teens walked around city streets with books all the time? I bet it was similar to the use of cellphones and ipads and kindles we got going on today.

– Someone recently said to me, “Has anyone ever told you that you look kinnnda like Toby Macguire.” Mildly outraged I responded, “No! But I have gotten Bradley Cooper and Jake Gyllenhall for some reason.” Then there was a pause and I said, “Oh, and at night time I’m told I look just like Seal. But only at night.” They laughed. I’m good.

This Week Mike Is (at night)

– A girl at work noticed my hair was ruffled, went into her bag, and presented a comb for me to use. I was like, “uhhhhhh, that’s okay I got it.” There are a few things I don’t share in life and a comb is definitely somewhere on that list, along with toothbrush and water when I’m washing my hands.

– The city of Portland in Oregon was named after a coin toss in 1844.  Heads for Portland and tails for Boston. Glad we don’t have a crappy city name on both coasts.Thanks fate!!



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