see you in my knightmares

– When are hipsters gonna start bringing back the rat-tail? Surely that is one of the lost fads of the 90’s that noone ever wants to see ever again, making it perfect for the hipster youth.

this really makes my skinny jeans look bang-a-rang

– When I don’t shave for a while, I hate hearing from people, “Is your razor broken?” or “I got a razor you can borrow!” It’s like, “EXCUSE ME FOR TRYING SOMETHING NEW!!”

– There must be doctors at medical centers all across American universities that have some sort of college promotion during flu season like, “Come in and take some shots with Dr. ___” or “We’re rippin shots all day down here at the medical center” or my favorite, “FREE SHOTS! Cover charge: $Health Insurance”

– Widow’s Peak should be changed to Dante’s Peak. It would sound so much better.

also a good title for a movie about a guy named dante reaching his personal best

– How cool is this video? The title really says it all. Every time I watch it it blows me away! Shout out to Colin Smallwood whose FB wall I jacked this from. 

– Whenever I see someone sneeze into their hands on the subway, I just want to kill them.

– Kate Middleton is way out of Prince William’s league. Do you really think a woman like her would be with a balding, buck-toothed, lurch like Prince Billy? F no. But hey, we got our Diana back!!!

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! Clearly she's the settler in this relationship

– I hear cats fighting and screwing outside my window all the time. In fact, here is a video I made of one such occasion. (there is audio about halfway through so be careful)

– My roommate put a blue toilet bowl cleaner in our toilet, now my home bathroom resembles a port-a-potty.


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