got nine wives that don’t listen

– So last night I went into a bar called simply, “Australian”. Thinking nothing of the title, I sit down and am greeted by a tall, blond gentleman. “G’day mate, what’re we havin’?” Taken aback, I thought it was an interesting coincidence that the bartender at the “Australian” was, in fact, Australian. About 5 minutes go by and 2 blond girls sit down the bar, they TOO are Australian. Now I’m beginning to think I’m in the Twilight Zone or something. Just then, I look up and see the bus boy is an Aborigine. Upon closer inspection I determined he was probably latino, but a really dark skinned, thick-browed latino.

this guy works wonders with a rag and some windex

– Speaking of Australians, I met a guy last night that looked just like Hugh Jackman. Speaking to him I knew there was something familiar about his face, but couldn’t place it. Then suddenly in our conversation I figure it out and simply say to him, “Now…what am I gonna say to you?” Without missing a beat he says, “That I look just like Hugh Jackman.” I burst out laughing! As the night went on I kept seeing him and tried sneaking some pics, I eventually flat out asked and this was the result…

not Australian
this is just a cool picture i found. cool, right? anyway.

– SPEAKING of Australia: Australia’s first police force was a band of 12 of the most well behaved Convicts. It seems the student has become the teacher…dat…fact??

"Bobby! We used to be cellmates! Stop it!"

– Don’t you hate it when you are at a crosswalk and the light is telling you to “Walk” but there is a car creeping onto the striped pathway? You almost feel like you are inconveniencing them until you realize that you are doing nothing wrong. F that.

– No joke, today I saw Sergei from Delocated in Queens. I’ve been watching that show recently and quoting his Russian accent all the time. He was with his daughter. I was blown away.

the guy with the beat up face….

– The other day at work I asked a Mexican gentleman, who entered the US illegally, if he knew who won the Civil War. He didn’t know. I then asked if he knew who won the Revolutionary War. He said he didn’t know that either. Persisting even further I asked, in the event of a massive war that required common folk to fight, if he would take up arms and fight for the USA. He thought for a second, then said no. Welp, it’s nice to have him here.

he thought this was a receipt for something

– Don’t mind the weird video, the song is LEGIT.


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