and now, a rap from a vampire

This rappers name is Count D. Money. The tone would be a well produced rap with this song used as the sample:

You are what you eat so bitch im a blood

Poppin bottles of that shit late night at the club

Got chrome on fangs, tricks think im the boss

You know how much I spend a year on dental floss?

Im a pimp im a g im a downright ghoul

Transylvania cornrows are just fuckin cool

Im blacker than count chocula, you know dats a fact

DEA bust in they found a coffin full-a crack

Got spongebob on my cape and hos on my mind

So you bitch ass g’s know just how to find.

Count D Money in the bank, with the stacks, bitch im black

Biting virgin girls necks with those double D racks

Im hot on the scene got stereotypes to break

cause bitch I put garlic on my wooden stake.

I aint no bat but I suck a hos neck.

Leavin hickeys all night and leavin pussy’s a wreck.

Bitches step to me cause I’m a vampire –

I can’t see the sun hos think im a liar.

Nosferatu was my best friend

he and I would bang bitches on the weekend.

Can’t scare me with ya broke ass crucafix,

while I get my blood fix, then spit out a remix.

King of the Vam-pire Em-pire, I spit hot fire, rapper for hire!

– If a vampire was cramming for an exam, do you think they would tell their friends after, “Man, I took like four Adderalls and was up ALL daylight studying for this shit. Seriously, the moon was out and I was just getting to bed.”

My Circadian!

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