attracts a tension

– I walked on the red carpet, by accident, for the NY Premiere of Red Tails. The movie is about African-American fighter pilots flying in WWII starring Cuba Gooding Jr., and Terrance Howard. I was just dying for the slim chance that, when we turned  the corner, Cuba Gooding Jr. was standing there. What would I have said?!?

Ideally: “Oh my god! Cuba, I really think you are awesome! Your range and skill level is, like, what all actors should strive to be. CUBA! Wow, Dude, when you shot down those Japanese planes in Pearl Harbor, I got chills!! Look, I’m getting chills right now just talking about it! Cuba, thank you. Thank you and keep making movies man. You are awesome. Quit making those “Snow Dogs” bullshit, straight to that cardboard bin of straight to DVD movies they have near the aisles at Wal-Mart. You are the shit! Congrats on this movie too man.

Realistically: “Oh my God! Uhhh, I’m a big fan. Haha.”

"Oh and Terrance Howard....heyy."

– There’s a scene in the “Deserts” episode of Planet Earth where a flash flood starts slowly entering a sandy, arid desert. If I was lost out there, and all of the sudden a flowing cascade of fresh water rolled towards me, I would just look at the sky and give it a “fishermans head nod”.

Fisherman’s Head Nod: A faint move of the head downwards signifying approval and acknowledgement- all while maintaining a straight face.

ex: the look a fisherman would give to the guy at the pier that catches his rope.

"I see you."

– Scientists recently have discovered a new species of frog previously undiscovered. The frog is smaller than a dime! So small, in fact, that it fits inside the seal in the middle of the dime. My question: who spotted that? Some nature explorer guy was probably pissing or something and looked up at the tree and was like, “What the……what the fuuuuck?”

"Marty! I was just about to cut down this tree but come get a look at this shit!"

– Does anyone else find it sad that Elizabeth Hurley has resorted to narrating vacuum commercials?

– I like how both Lil Wayne and Eminem start slow but speed up in this song:

– Think of how great a lesbian porn could be if it took place in a natural cave like Luray Caverns.

"We've got a lot of ground to cover Becky..."

– An insightful quote from The Officere-run I saw today: “Confidence: the food of the wise man and the liquor of the fool.”

thanks Vikram.

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